Executive Management Team for HealtcareDIA.com

Paul Kusserow

Serving as Chairman of the Board one of the original founders, Paul is primarily responsible for strategy, business development, new product development, and select corporate functions - legal and investment financial for the early stages of the company. Prior to co-founding HDIA, Paul Kusserow served as Senior Vice President of Strategy and Tenet Ventures at Tenet Healthcare Corporation from 1998 to 2004. While at Tenet, Mr. Kusserow was in charge of overall strategy development, new technology analysis and service expansion.

He was a co-founder and original acting CFO of Broadlane, Inc. and was instrumental in developing the ProSource exchange (the largest labor exchange in the country). Mr. Kusserow was the founder and Chairman of DigitalMed, the second largest on-line learning tool for hospital employees and the largest content producer of clinical content.

From 1996 to 1998, he served as President of Roaring Mountain, an investment advisory company. In partnership with Lockridge Capital - a Boston-based consulting and buy-out firm - Roaring Mountain orchestrated the buy-out and merger of Mad River Canoes, Wilderness Systems, and Wave Sport kayaks to create Confluence, the second largest water sports company. Kusserow and Lockridge also purchased Human-i-Tees, a school fund raising company.

From 1995 to 1997, Paul was Director of Strategy and Marketing for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, a group of businesses owned by the CW Foundation with aggregate revenues in excess of $150 million.

From 1991 to 1995, Mr. Kusserow was at the National Geographic, in charge of international publications in Europe and in Africa and the head of corporate marketing at the Reader's Digest where he developed new businesses and programs for the Reader's Digest Association, Inc. Mr. Kusserow started his career in 1988 as a consultant for McKinsey and Company, Inc. specializing in organizational redesign, marketing and media.

Paul Kusserow graduated Phi Beta Kappa in religious studies from Wesleyan University where he was a Philip B. Brown Scholar, a Trench Prize winner, an Olin Fellow and a Fellow at the Center for the Humanities. Mr. Kusserow has an MA in English Language and Literature from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.

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Tom Corry
President and CEO

As the co-founder of HDIA, Tom has overall responsibility for running the company's operations. Tom is actively involved in all steps of research, data analysis and strategic planning for HDIA's clients. He has managed and developed marketing plans and advertising campaigns for dozens of healthcare and corporate clients. Tom began his career as a political campaign director and then spent time at Stephen Winchell & Associates, Time, Inc. and Reader's Digest.

He then formed Corry Direct Marketing nearly 14 years ago and worked with companies such as Tenet Healthcare, Northshore LIJ Health System and other groups such as National Geographic, AOL, Tufts University, Stanford University, Rodale Press, Citizen's Health, Warner Brothers, AARP and Prudential.

Tom is a member of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development and the Direct Marketing Association. Tom serves on the Direct Marketing Association's Business Ethics Committee.

Tom holds a B.A. from Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA.

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Mike Hattub
Senior VP, Quantitative Analysis

Mike has been developing custom models to predict encounter activity to direct marketing programs related to screenings at hospitals. On the credit risk side, models have been developed for medical collection populations to predict the likelihood of payment as well as the expected amount paid.

Prior to HDIA, Mike began Troika Marketing Group, Inc. which developed a platform for mortgage lenders to offer credit restoration to their declines in a very quick and efficient manner effectively creating a new pipeline of future loans for lenders.

Before starting Troika Marketing, Mike worked for Sigma Analytics. In April, 1998, Mike left Equifax to join Sigma Analytics and Consulting, Inc. (Sigma) as its first employee after the founder. Sigma was primarily a credit risk modeling company at the outset but quickly took on a marketing modeling capacity, both credit and non-credit, in order to offer modeling across all market needs. Models were developed for both new and existing accounts to predict response, conversion, revenue, delinquency, bankruptcy, collections, and recovery across several industries.

In 1997, Mike was moved to Equifax Decision Solutions which was the department where all of the credit scores, for both risk and marketing applications, were developed. Models were developed for Bank of America, Citibank, Fleet, among others. All of the standard modeling techniques were used here (i.e. logistic regression, CART) to build models that predicted outcomes like response, approval, delinquency, and bankruptcy.

Mike Hattub began his career at Equifax Credit Marketing Services in 1994 and worked on national consumer credit database and customizing data files for pre-screen direct mail campaigns based on credit criteria and credit scores.

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